Some Points for Sellers

Selling, Buying or Investing in Montreal.. Restaurant, italian restaurants ,Fast Food, Fine Dining,Investment properties New Construction ,Multi Units call The Golden Greek.    

The business broker starts by formally assessing the value of the business. This value is not negotiated. From there, we determine the most probable selling price (MPSP). This represents a reasonable price, factoring the true earnings and what the market is willing to pay. The seller can then negotiate on an informed basis.

Most sellers are unaware of how much interest they can generate by offering financing. To buyers, it’s one indication that sellers are confident that the business will pay for itself. Can expose your business opportunity to hundreds of prospective buyers without employees, customers or competitors knowing that the business is for sale. 

Tips for Buying the Right Business for the Right Price and Terms

Purchase a business that you will enjoy. To make that decision you need to realistically assess what you do enjoy, your personal goals for the coming years, your personal strengths and your weaknesses. Make sure that the day-to-day effort in your business will be fun for you. Getting up every morning and being excited about the coming day makes the work load seem light. 


Never confuse a business that doesn’t show a profit for tax purposes with a business that isn’t profitable. Private businesses prepare tax returns to minimize taxable income. Minimizing taxable income is part of the normal activities of private businesses. Small businesses don’t have (or want) the level of detailed record keeping usually seen in larger companies. The taxable income reported on a small business tax return is rarely an indicator of the true earnings realized by the business owner.      

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Access to several lots in and around the island of Montreal for condo development or commercial